Cinnamon Slippers "Blue Star"


These cinnamon slippers are not only very comfortable and effective against foot odors, they also make a visual impression. The footbed made of seaweed, with incorporated cinnamon powder, warms your feet in a natural way. The blood circulation is improved, the temperature of the feet is balanced (no more too cold / too warm feet) and unpleasant odors are absorbed. Foot odor doesn’t stand a chance.


Very comfortable to wear, beautiful design

• Unpleasant odors are absorbed. Foot odor doesn’t stand a chance against this.

Relieves pressure on feet and legs (good for standing professions)

Regulates temperature. This means no more too hot or too cold feet.

Cinnamon Slipper Composition
Top material: synthetic fibers (polyester)
Footbed: seagrass
Sole: EVA
Filling: Ground cinnamon, ginger

Available in the following sizes: 36-37 / 38-39 / 40-41 / 42-43 / 44-45 / 46-47

Note: Please avoid contact with water.

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