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Cinnamon Slippers "Terra"


These slippers in earthy colors have a beautiful footbed made of dried seagrass and a strap made of brown bamboo branches. Just like every cinnamon slipper from Zimtland, the incorporated ground cinnamon also provides here a pleasant aroma and comfortable walking.

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• Very comfortable, great wearing comfort, massage your feet with every step

• Effective against sweaty feet and foot odor

Uncramp feet and legs (good for standing professions)

Regulates temperature. That means no more hot or cold feet.

Upper material: bamboo branches colored dark brown
Footbed: seagrass
Sole: EVA
Filling: ground cinnamon

Designed as double sizes, available in sizes: 36-37 / 38-39 / 40-41 / 42-43 / 44-45 / 46-47

Be careful to keep the flip-flops away from moisture: it may damage the reed footbed.

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