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Reed flip flops & reed sandals - best footwear for summer

Our flip flops made of plaited reeds make for airy walking and a pleasant freshness. In these summer shoes you feel comfortable all around.

  • €11.90

    Reed flip-flops Indiana

    Very comfortable flip-flops for at home and on the go NEW! Flip-Flops made from reeds! Very comfortable flip-flops made from plaited reeds make for a long-lasting freshness. In these airy summer shoes, you feel comfortable all-around.




Reasons why reed flip flops make for popular footwear

Of late, there is growing popularity being witnessed for reed flip flops amongst the users. The soles of these flip flops are made by using eco-friendly reed and straps made of vegetable-tanned leather, cotton or also reed. Reed flip flops, which are quite popular amongst men and women, are designed with modern technology and earth conscious materials. They make for an ideal natural and green alternative for boots, sandals and shoes.

When it comes to buying reed sandals, one can opt for online as well as offline methods, with the former being ideal options for more reasons than one. Buying reed flip flops online, offers, more in terms of varieties and discounted prices. Although, reed flip flops have been in existence since decades, it is only recently that there is growing popularity and demand being witnessed.

Reed sandals can be worn in any part of the year, irrespective of whether winter, summer or rainy season. The natural reed material used for making this footwear allows free circulation of air thereby keeping your feet cooler. Also, the design of reed flip flops provides the required support to your feet, thereby aiding your posture and well-being. Reed sandals make for ideal footwear, especially during summer seasons, thanks to their simple and light weight factors. This footwear allows better freedom to your feet and easy movability as compared to other regular footwear. One can wear reed flip flops either at home or while shopping for household products.