Questions about our products

I would like to buy cinnamon shoes from you, but it is important to me that the material of the shoes comes from fair, organic production. Cinnamon has great properties, but loses it if it contains fertilizers and pesticides.

The cinnamon comes from the Quan Nam province in Vietnam. I lived there myself for 2 years. Cinnamon has been grown there for decades. Our manufacturer has been buying the cinnamon from the farmers there for a long time. The cinnamon trees grow over a period of several years and are harvested once a year, when the trees are old enough. The trees grow naturally, without chemicals!

Should I order the cinnamon insoles one size smaller so that they fit well in my shoes?

No, we recommend you order the cinnamon soles exactly in your shoe size. Unfortunately, shoe sizes and shapes can vary widely depending on the manufacturer, so it is best to measure the inner shoe length with a measuring tape when ordering for the first time. This table will help you to order the right size. <Sizing table>

Unfortunately, the size I ordered does not fit in my shoes, can I exchange the insoles?

Yes, this is possible with unopened cinnamon insoles. Please send us an email saying which size you would like and we will write you the address for the return.

Can I cut the cinnamon insoles so that they fit? 

No, that would disrupt the chamber system and the powder inside would leak.

How long will the cinnamon insoles be effective?

The cinnamon insoles should be effective for up to 3 months. A pair of cinnamon insoles for every pair of shoes is recommended. To keep the cinnamon insoles dry, they should be removed from the shoes once a week and left out overnight. 

Can I have an allergic reaction to the cinnamon insoles?

If you are allergic to cinnamon or ginger, then yes; otherwise, you can use the cinnamon insoles with no problem.

I have yellow feet after wearing the insoles for the first time, is this bad?

We use a very strong, high quality cinnamon (Cinnamomum cassia) for a good and long-lasting effect. This cinnamon extract can cause a yellowish discoloration on the feet of those with sensitive skin, but this does not affect the skin’s health and diminishes over time. 

Can I store the cinnamon insoles for a certain amount of time?

Yes, you can. Our cinnamon insoles are packed airtight and can be stored unopened for at least 2 years.

Will my feet, socks, and shoes smell strongly like cinnamon when using the insoles?

When you first use the cinnamon insoles, you will notice an intense, fragrant cinnamon scent. This will fade over time, so that the smell does not stick to your feet, socks or shoes for long. What remains afterwards is a slight fresh scent.

Can I also wear the cinnamon insoles in my sports shoes or hiking boots?

Yes, this is possible and helps to reduce foot sweat and the formation of foot blisters. Depending on the type of shoe, it may be necessary to use a larger or smaller size. Depending on the movement, it may help to fix the insole in place with a strip of double-sided adhesive tape. 

What should be considered when maintaining the flip-flops, slippers, and house shoes?

Since our shoes are made of natural materials, please avoid contact with water. If in contact with water, the cinnamon-herb filling can escape. It is best to use a slightly damp cloth or brush for cleaning. If the shoes have come in contact with water or are sweaty, just put them in a warm place to dry.

What should be considered when maintaining the cinnamon insoles?

Please do not wash or cut the cinnamon insoles, otherwise the finely ground cinnamon may come out of the soles. It's best to occasionally take them out of your shoes to air out.

What can you tell me about the cinnamon you use for your products? 

We use cassia cinnamon, which is stronger and sharper than Ceylon cinnamon, and therefore better-suited for our products. Our cinnamon comes from Vietnam, where it is grown without any chemicals and in fair working conditions.

What is an EVA sole?

EVA stands for ethylene-vinyl acetate and refers to a type of plastic which has high heat resistance and at the same time good resistance to aging. The high-quality EVA soles compensate for minor bumps and also gently cushion the walking movement.

Questions about using the website

I can’t log in/I forgot my password, what should I do?

If you have forgotten your password, enter your email address here and we will send you instructions on how to change your password. If this does not help you, please contact our customer service via the contact form.

Why can’t I put the desired product in my shopping cart?

Make sure you have selected the desired size (s). Sizes shown in light gray are currently out of stock and therefore can not be ordered. We try to keep our website up-to-date with the latest technology. If you have problems with the website, please make sure that you are using an up-to-date internet browser that accepts JavaScript and cookies. 

I have sent a support request through the live chat or the contact form, but have not received a response yet.

We try to process your inquiries on working days (Mon-Fri) within 24-48 hours if possible. If you have not received an answer, please also check your email’s spam filter.

Questions about ordering and payment

Unfortunately, my desired product is no longer available in my size, can I still order it?

In this case, it is unfortunately not possible to order, but you can write to us via the contact form and tell us which model and size you want the product in. We can then tell you if and when we will have that size available again.

How can I pay in your online shop?

Payment can be made by PayPal, Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) or Bank transfer. 

I made a mistake with my order. What should I do?

Please contact us immediately via our contact form. Depending on the order status, we may be able to make changes to your order. You will receive an email confirmation if the desired change is still possible.

How can I get an order confirmation?

After your order we automatically send an order confirmation by email. However, it may be the case that this email may be accidentally marked as spam or cannot be delivered for other reasons. Please contact our customer service if you have not received an order confirmation. You will receive a manually issued confirmation from us.

Questions about shipping

Which countries do you ship to?

We deliver worldwide. We have to adjust the shipping costs depending on the country of delivery. Therefore, we cannot guarantee calculated delivery costs for shipping outside of Switzerland.

How much does shipping cost?

Here you can see the shipping costs for your desired country of delivery.

Do I need to pay an import tax for shipments outside of Germany?

For orders outside of Switzerland, you will need to pay the costs for customs and any possible taxes or processing fees of your respective country. Please inquire here about your country’s local regulations.

How long does delivery take?

The delivery time in Germany is usually 2-3 days. If problems arise due to availability of goods or unclear information, we will contact you. These cases can lead to a longer processing time. For deliveries outside Germany, customs delays may occur. Therefore, please expect a longer delivery time.

Questions about returns

How can I return or exchange something?

Please contact our customer service via our contact form. We will then review your request and coordinate the return shipment with you.

Will I receive a new invoice after I return the products?

No, you will not receive a new invoice. If you arrange for the return before the due date of the invoice, you may pay for only the items retained and the invoice fee. Simply subtract the total of the returned goods from the original invoice amount. If you have already paid the invoice amount, then please tell us your bank details via contact form and we will transfer the amount for the return.

For further questions, we are always happy to help. You can best reach us via our contact form here.