Zimtland.de is an online store that sells various products like house shoes, sandals, flip flops, slippers, cinnamon insoles, etc. We have a wide range of products to suit the needs of our customers. You can obtain good-smelling feet with the use of cinnamon soles. Cinnamon is the natural wonder, it is one of oldest spice, and it also has medicinal benefits. The western world has also come to know the uses of cinnamon in improving the health of a person.

Cinnamon soles were our primary and most outstanding product which was discovered in Vietnam in 2004. The insole made of cinnamon powder has sweat-absorbent properties which are very effective for foot clusters and foot sweats. You feel more relaxed, it’s not extremely hot or very cold for your feet. It also regulates the blood sugar level and blood circulation in the body. It is also advisable for people suffering from rheumatics.

Our Zimtland Eva soles have a unique shock absorbing qualities, the rubber-like plastic which is present is heat resistant, durable and also resistant to cold. The EVA soles provide maximum comfort and support the system of the body. EVA is also flexible and lightweight which can be very comfortable to use.